Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beard-a-thon comes to an end


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The trimmers have come out. The beards are gone for most. Wives are rejoicing. And the Lord used some intentional men and all of your generosity to take initiative for a girl that you have never met. The Obwald family will never be able to fully express to you our gratitude. We hope you know that you are forever a part of Aunna's story, the Obwald's story, and bigger than that God's story of using ordinary people for His purposes. God has grown our faith in Him through this. This is only the start of the journey!

{All said and done $13,500 dollars were raised}

We are fully funded, with plane tickets purchased, to leave for China to get Aunna Hope on August 20th and return with her on September 5th.

A Thank you video from the Obwalds to all of you!!

For the fun of it check out some of the creative ways the guys trimmed off the scruff!!

Dave Obwald

Billy Hawes

Chip Henderson

Jebediah James

Matt Abajian

Thank you & Thank you! --

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