Sunday, June 22, 2014

Month 4 Beards Update (our last month)

What can you stuff in your beard? 
{That's the theme for month 4 of the Beards of Hope Beard-a-thon}

The guys have been growing some amazing facial hair to help bring Aunna Hope home to our family.  

Important updates::

It looks like we will be traveling to get Aunna Hope near the end of August to early September. More details on that at our family blog

Currently, by God's provision and your generosity, we have been able to raise $9,400 to date.  Our goal is still 15,000 by July 15th. We would love you to consider partnering with us along this journey by sponsoring one of our beards.

{last day of the Beard-a-thon is July 15th}
...sponsorship available until that date

Please continue to pray for God's timing, that He will be protecting Aunna's heart and preparing her to transition into our family. Even though it is a great thing for her to have a forever family she will also be experiencing massive amounts of grief and loss from what is familiar. Please pray that in that her heart will remain soft to be able to attach in a healthy way to us and also ultimately to her Heavenly Father who loves her immensely more than we do and has amazing plans for her life.  

Here are the update pictures we got from her foster family. She turned 14 months this month!

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