Thursday, April 17, 2014

Month Two Pics and Competition!!

Month 2 
This month we are asking YOU to participate! You may not be able grow a beard, but you can sponsor and now....this month you can vote!

{Here is what we would like you to do} 

Put the Beard Growers name, in the comments section of this post, of the person who you think has the most dramatic difference from their month 1 to month 2 picture.  To make it more fun I let the Beard Growers know they could theme it out and get creative to sway your voting. 

Please only vote once. If you're up for it post who you voted for to your Facebook and a link to the Our Beards of Hope page to continue to spread the word. 

We will announce the winner on the 1st of May 
{side note Dave Cohl Obwald are excluded from the competition}

THE PRIZE! A beard and mustache comb 
{The winner will be the envy of beard growers everywhere}

The Family Section

Dave Obwald: Bringing your "A" game

Cohl Obwald: Spinach has strange side effects

Michael O'Hare: Well on his way to Santa Claus status

The "I should be in a magazine" section

 Scott Carolan: This is his picture from Lumberjack of the Month magazine

Sam Hart: It's like a beard sculpture

Matt Strmiska: Everybody looking at this pic wants that hat

The Fighters Section

Chip Henderson: The Vikings are coming!

David Hawes: Wolverine's 2nd cousin once removed

Pete Hingano: Mr. T where's the van and the "A" team

Tyler Kessler: Month one started with a smile... it's all business in month two

This is the "vote for me because you like my team" section

Andrew Feil: Dodger dog anyone?

Matt Abajian: "Sup... yeah I like the Giants and just finished a Tough Mudder."

Tony Hernandez: Clever.... he is looking for at least "49" votes

Subliminal Message Section

Steven Castro: Your thinking there is no way that beard is real...think again

Jebediah James:  Subtle wearing of the yellow jersey to already claim victory

Curtis Behning:  people like a man in uniform

Billy Hawes: "Shamelessly hoping that my new baby and beard combo secures your vote."

Nate Sharits:  Vote for can't resist the smolder


  1. Though I am a Dodgers fan.. I must vote for the amazing Matt Abajian!!

  2. Matt Abajian. #letsgogiants #beatLA #thatbeardthough

  3. Voting for the Chipper :)