Monday, March 17, 2014

Here are our month 1 progress photos!

Month one has come to a close as of March 15th! We are already seeing some gnarly beard growth. Dave's neck beard is totally grey and out of control {more to come on that in a future post}. We are also hearing cool story after cool story about Beard Growers having conversations involving God's heart for orphans... love it! Also guys have jumped on the team that we had not even met before this started and we are loving getting to know them through this. How awesome it will be to share, at some point, with our daughter the pics of all of the Beard Growers and list of Sponsors and how God used a bunch of Dudes growing beards to bring her home.

11 guys have sponsors so far

After month one:
Dave and Cohl Obwald have raised $1282
**check out Cohl's amazing growth in just one month below

Chip Henderson leads the pack {for non-Obwald Beard Growers} at $266 thus far followed closely by Matt Strmiska and David Hawes.

Total moneys raised so far $2342!!!!
That's amazing for MONTH ONE!

We are praying for a GRAND TOTAL of $15,000. This will fully fund the rest of our adoption, which includes travel for all 6 of us to China and back.

We have been praying through and thinking about taking our kids on an exposure trip over the past few years. What better exposure than into the heart of China, to visit and see those in need and be able to do something about it. We are looking forward to processing God's heart for the least of these up close and personal, as a family, on this journey. We hope to continue to foster a love for God and people, created in His image, in each of them.

Dave Obwald

Cohl Obwald

Matt Strmiska & Andrew Feil

Nice buddy pic guys!

Matt Abajian

Jebediah James

Billy Hawes

Tony Hernandez

Sam Hart

Tyler Kessler

David Hawes

Scott Carolan

Chip Henderson

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